Update From Nell

Hey everyone,

Documentary filming is going really well! We’ve been after school film either on location or in the Music Hallway almost everyday for the past three weeks. The good news is that we already have well over 3 hours of interview footage, the bad news is we still have to re-watch and edit all that footage. Each interview starts with me conducting the conversation and having the ever-lovely Muller, Max, Erin, and Cesia manning the equipment. So far all of the interviews have been crazy interesting. We started interviewing Walpole based teachers, such as Ms. Pace, Mr. Holmes, and Mr. Kim. We’ve also talked with other arts-based educators like Ms. Bishop from the Foxboro Public School system, which is known for having one of the best public music programs in Massachusetts. Hopefully scheduling an interview soon with Mr. Dan Lutz, the Director of Bands at UMass Lowell and a well known classical composer.

I wish I could disclose all the awesome details from the interview footage, but I can promise you that all the individuals involved have interesting stories to tell. Narratives that start with their first introduction to music or art as a child and ranging to their fist job in the arts and where they’re going next. Each one is filled with optimism, advice, poignant stories, and an unbelievable passion towards their professions.

I’m so lucky to be a part of this research experience, especially with a crew this awesome.


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