The Boys (enberries) are back

Photo on 12-18-14 at 11.57 AM #2Hey y’all. Boysenberry is almost done with prepro! We have watched many documentaries, and our favorite so far has been 20 feet from Stardom. We’ve also sent out a lot of email to various people we would like to interview for the documentary, and there has been a lot of positive feedback! Many people have agreed to help us with our project, and a lot of people are very excited about it. We also have began to film school events, such as the winter concert rehearsal. We hope to use this footage in our film. We will begin to start shooting interviews in January, and look forward for a great year as we begin shooting the movie. We also have all started a crew synchronized swimming team, due to it being an art form Queen Nell has yet to master. She also plans to teach us her ways of how to dance like Beyonce, while keeping the class of  Meghan Trainor. She is truly all about that bass. Erin has been contributing her witty comments, and ability to imitate a fish (she is captain of our synchronized swimming team). Cesia really likes Leonardo DiCaprio. Max has been taking frequent trips to Starbucks, and France (<3 Mary). Muller still has road rage. And thats how the cookie crumbles.

-Erin Metcalfe

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